You Aren't You

by Enhues

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Written and recorded between 2009 and 2010.

"You Aren't You" is about looking into the mirror and not recognizing the person looking back at you.


released July 9, 2010

Written and recorded by Nick Hughes. Trumpet on "Hello, Mirror" and "Hello, Reflection" by Zach Silberschlag




Enhues Maryland

Baltimore, MD

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Track Name: Denature
Everyone is staring at the holes in the ceiling, but there's nothing on the other side. The sky is empty tonight.
The cracks in my bed sting my back like barbed wire and everything is melting around me.
The lights are broken and the ocean's drowning.
The sky is empty tonight. My head is melting tonight. The sky is melting tonight. My head is empty tonight.
Track Name: You Aren't You
Quit trying so hard to be someone that we all know you're not- they can see right through you. Just live, just be yourself. Just live, just be yourself and you'll be satisfied.
Track Name: Stellar Construct
Stellar construct in my head.
Track Name: Fractals In Your Eyes
Let's take this step-by-step.
Let's wait and see.
Track Name: Peter
Once I read a book about a boy who never grew up and it made me wonder what it's like to watch everyone come and go. And be gone for good when you're still young. Would you learn from it? Would you learn to live? And get on with it? Would you just forget all the people you met? All the times you spent alone in your head?
"Why can't I just grow up? Why won't time just let up? Am I truth or fiction?"